SUPPORT THE TOMMY ROBINSON SHOW: Free From the Paywall, We Need YOU to Stay on the Air

Starting now, The Tommy Robinson Show videos are all free to spread the important message about what is happening to our country — and western civilization.

But we need your help to survive.

Producing The Tommy Robinson Show isn’t free for us. Creating videos takes a lot of work. And we have a lot of bills every month that YouTube just doesn't cover anymore. So in November, we decided to do what a lot of media companies are doing: we put up a paywall and asked people to pay £7/month to subscribe. So you had to pay to see our content.

But I never liked the paywall. It’s been eating me up the whole time. Because instead of millions of people seeing our stories, now only thousands of people do. And the whole reason I started doing Rebel videos in the first place was to spread the message — including to people who've never heard it before.

If you’re a subscriber – I want to thank you for supporting us. Your support has been really important – but I also want to reach people who have never heard our side of the story before, who have never seen the kinds of videos we’re showing. I’m not doing this for a job — I’m doing this because I believe in it.

The Tommy Robinson Show can only carry on if you step up. I made a change for you, but now it’s up to you to keep the show on the air. I need your help, with our voluntary donation system. 

If enough of you commit to a voluntary monthly donation, of your choosing, then The Tommy Robinson Show can stay on the air and we can keep on reaching millions of people.

And if you’re a super-fan and can afford a little more, we’ll recognize your support: 

£25 – Associate Producer Your name will be published on

£50 – Producer Access to a monthly Google hangout with Tommy

£100 – Executive Producer Access to a monthly Google hangout with Tommy + a signed copy of Mohmamed's Koran

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